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We conduct the majority of our estate sales, land and property sales in Southwestern Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Eastern Indiana. Our offices are located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Many greater Cincinnati estate sales or liquidation companies only do online auctions, and often don’t even valuate your items, generating far less in return for your valuable items. We can conduct your sale by tagged sale, online auction, private treaty or public live cry auction depending on whats best for your situation. We have members on our team or in our roledex with decades of experience to help us identify and properly assess each category of your treasures. No estate too small or too big. Call or email for a complimentary consultation today! Click Here now.

Estate Sales consist of selling off the majority of one’s possessions. There are many reasons for needing an estate sale. Some reasons are listed below:

  1. Death in the family
  2. Moving to assisted living
  3. Retirement
  4. Selling the contents of one home when there is a new marriage and two households,
  5. Divorce
  6. Financial hardship
  7. Moving to another country

Are you responsible for an estate liquidation or downsizing.  What do you do?  Here are the most important practical steps to take, as you begin this process. Click Here to get your free copy of “Tips To Liquidating An Estate”.

We market, sell and liquidate everything from jewelry , estate furniture, antiques, collectibles, sports memorabilia, equipment, automobiles, boats, tractors, tools, electronics, art, coins, appliances, china, glassware, computers, tools and much more.

Feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email. There is no obligation and we will provide you with professional and friendly advice. Cincinnati Estate Auctions and Sales is built on a policy of honesty, integrity, commitment, and trust. We handle your estate with care.

Whether we sell your personal property by public live cry auction or tagged sale will be determined by the size and value of the estate. Often live cry auctions are performed when we are also conducting the Real Estate auction as well.

If an estate sale is not justified, we will let you know and we can provide advice on other possibilities we think may be a better option.

Here are few things we do when conducting a Tagged Estate Sale or online sale in the Greater Cincinnati, Southwestern Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Eastern Indiana area. We do everything we can to maximize your return:

  • Our crew will organize the premises and products for the sale.
  • We provide all the supplies and accessories for the sale including displays, tables, stands and etc.
  • We thoroughly evaluate, price and tag all items prior to sale.
  • We consult experts for valuations on special items as necessary at no cost to you.
  • We customize and handle all aspects of the advertisement of your sale.
  • We can list and sell items on our auction site advertised to thousands of potential buyers.
  • Direct mail and emails are sent to select groups of repeat buyers.
  • We conduct targeted end user presales when advantageous for maximum return.
  • We follow up every sale with an itemized accounting of all transactions and immediate payment of all sales proceeds.

When it comes to Estate Sales there can be a lot of emotions involved, but this process can be deeply healing and gratifying. We want you to be a part of the process and make sure the items you most cherished are preserved and removed from the sale. We handle all of the photography, description, cataloging and sales. All you do is give us some history, if you know it, and receive a check when the sale is complete. The history is our favorite part. Whether it is your greater Cincinnati estate, or a loved ones, understanding an item’s history will help you and others appreciate the item even more and we may learn something in the process. It  also provides the opportunity to celebrate a life.

We are able to assess the uniqueness of each sale situation and recommend the correct route. Whether you have personal property from a small estate to an extensive multi nillion dollar estate including land and real estate or anything in between we can recommend and conduct the process for you.

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